Who we are

We are a small family company with big dreams. We care about the community and our goal is to bring the opportunity for every child the experience of art using their creativity and their talents. During each lesson children will have a blast while making a masterpiece of their own.

Our program consists of enjoyable and enriching art sessions where children learn about the most  influential artists and talk about their works, techniques and styles.

Each session offers an opportunity for students to experiment and discover art through colors, shapes, textures, space and forms. Classes are in English and Spanish.

There are no mistakes in art, just happy accidents. ~ Bob Ross

Children in art class

How we do it

From paintings, to sculptures, to drawings, printmaking, acrylic painting, watercolor and collages just to mention a few of our favorite things to do in class.


We care about our community and its children. Our goal is to provide art to each and every child engaged in their weekly classes. We value educating the whole child

Our commitment

Give children the opportunity to benefit from each class by increasing fine motor skill function, developed problem-solving abilities and encourage self-expression building a stronger relationship with your child exploring art.